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SMITHSONIAN'S NATIONAL ZOO, Finding Common Ground: Temperate Forest Conservation in the US and China

(award-winning conservation biology curriculum, 200+ pages)

MUSEUM OF SCIENCE, BOSTON, STEM Activities (Robotics, Engineering, Bioethics)
(~ 10 pages/5 pages per interactive)


Wrote inquiry-based pre-, during and post-visit activities aligned with science, social studies and standards for technological literacy to support two computer interactives I developed for MOS' Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination exhibit.

Content examples Include:

  • Transportation Tech: If We Build It Will They Buy It?

  • Design a "Green Machine"

  • Born or Bioengineered?

  • Year 2035: Equal Access to Augmentation Initiative

  • Design a Robot to Solve a Problem in Your Community

iOS App on Biofuels and Renewable Energy (Bioenergy Science Center, Creative Discovery Museum), Roadtrip Challenge

(4 legs of road trip — content editor, video, animation) A content outline was already in place when I came on board. I edited, researched and developed original content and created graphics, animations and video on: 

  • biofuels

  • switchgrass

  • renewable energy

  • hybrid cars

  • electric cars

  • fossil fuels (oil)

  • ethanol

  • how plants get energy

  • photosynthesis

  • the carbon cycle

  • hydropower


(High School and Middle School health sciences hunger and poverty curricula, 100+ pages each)

Working closely with Dr. J Larry Brown, the nation’s leading domestic hunger expert, I wrote two 100+ page standards-based 

high school and middle school curricula that served as the youth action component for actors Jeff Bridges and Leo DiCaprio’s

Hollywood Entertainment Industry’s Hunger Free America Campaign.

I was contracted by Dr J. Larry Brown after creating and producing the award-winning, Emmy-nominated, five-part Memories,

Voices & Choices series and classroom curriculum while at MCET. More than 200,00 Students from 17 States participated live in the

interactive satellite series.

DCR, Borderland State Park, Easton Children's Museum 
GIRLS IN SCIENCE, summer science camp, grades 4-8


Integrated technology with hands-on science activities as part of a summer science camp for girls. The girls used A Walk in the Forest interactives (developed for Smithsonian’s National Zoo) and monitored the biodiversity of a virtual forest using authentic tools and methodologies followed by hands-on experiments in the woodlands of Borderlands.


Wrote species checklists, family education materials and field trip activities.

WORLD WILDLIFE FUND, Endangered Species Smart Shopper's Wallet Card

I developed a serious of “take action” interactives for World Wildlife Fund’s Pennies for the Planet Program, designed to inspire people to make simple changes in their everyday lives to reduce their footprint. This cool accordion wallet card (download a PDF) has tips for responsible shopping to help protect endangered species and their habitats.

Science Writer​

"Can you imagine a day when you are flying the skyways instead of driving the highways, or when cybernetic enhancements simply become a part of you? How will these advancements change society and how will society influence the emergence and acceptance of technological change?" 

(from Classroom and Family Learning Activities Introduction)

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  • Nuanced, deep, efficient researcher

  • Strong ability to synthesize information from various stakeholders to write coherent curricula/interactives

  • Seasoned curriculum and interactive media writing skills (STEM, conservation biology, renewable energy & biofuels, bioethics, health sciences)

  • Content-rich, inquiry-based, interactive, collaborative

  • Organically align concepts with standards 

  • Bi-literate (English and Spanish)